Anonymous seizes Westboro Baptist Church websites during live interview

The Internet group Anonymous had gone ahead with its plans to take out a number of website affiliated with the Westboro Baptist Church, doing it during a live interview on the David Pakman Show.

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Techsmith2704d ago

ROFL, serves them right for taunting the group. A+ Racer

Speed-Racer2704d ago

I lol'ed at how the message resembled that of the US's seizure notice. Props to anonymous for actually doing something right.

Techsmith2704d ago

I saw this coming coming a mile away.

BubbleSniper2704d ago

another win for people tired of the same bullshit.

shadow27972704d ago

Wow, hackers that I actually like. +1

Speed-Racer2704d ago

It's good to see they're doing something good, but sometimes they also do things that dont conform to the norms of society. Meh.

_Q_2704d ago

Pure ownage. I'm glad these excuses for scum aren't getting away with their shit anymore. Get em Anonymous. Don't hold back. They wouldn't hold back on you.

SKUD2703d ago

Someone if full of MAD.

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