Why Has Google Been Collecting Kids' Social Security Numbers Under the Guise of an Art Contest?

It turns out that the company sporting the motto "don't be evil" has been asking parents nationwide to disclose their children's personal information, including Social Security Numbers, and recruiting schools to help them do it -- all under the guise of an art contest. It's called, "Doodle-4-Google," a rather catchy, kid-friendly name if I do say so myself. The company is even offering prize money to schools to enlist their help with the promotion. Doesn't it sound like fun? Don't you want your kid to enter too?

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Techsmith2703d ago

Steve Jobs: "Google's don't be evil mantra is bullshit."

xTruthx2702d ago

Dude..... this is really fudged up.... I just googled my name and EVERYTHING showed up. Even the names I use on diff sites WTF!

michass82702d ago

And the biggest problem is that everybody have access to this data, even your girlfriend lol ... :D

Techsmith2703d ago

Tell me about it. Google really loves collecting data without telling anyone, what's next credit card transactions through Android?

techniglee2703d ago

Next thing you know they'll send their street view cars out to gather fingerprints from everyone's doorknobs.

Techsmith2703d ago

All of a sudden Glenn Beck doesn't seem so, who am I kidding hes nuts.

Belasco2703d ago

Not getting off topic, but alot of what Beck has said has come to fruition, just sayin, (hes still nuts)

michass82703d ago

They seems to know everything anyway, and they constantly collecting data... pretty scary :)
If You are not in the internet, You don't exist... try to Google yourselves :) lol

GrumpyVeteran2702d ago

I googled myself pretty intensively (used deep/dark web searchers too) and found nothing on myself.

Lucky me!

cheetorb2702d ago

All part of the New World Order. Just go back to sleep, there is nothing to see here. The government will take care of everything. They know what is best for us all. Back to sleep little sheep.

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