American Idol Voting Coming Soon To Facebook

American Idol fanatics will soon be able to vote for their favorite performers on Facebook. That’s right, no more busy signals or worrying about spam texts. The hit show is expected to roll out the new voting feature early next month.

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techniglee2250d ago

Wonder why no one thought of this before lol. I think this might become a standard way of voting... Hmm... Facebook election?

Techsmith2250d ago

While I see potential for great things, the bad out weighs the good.Can you imagine what hacker would do to the system? lol Sarah Palin could be President, scary.

-Mezzo-2250d ago

Thats a good idea, both parties will see growth by this affiliation.

techniglee2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

On the other hand, we wouldn't want Lady Gaga as our next president would we...

michass82250d ago

Why not, who doesn't have the Facebook account this days... lol