High street PC repairs rubbish, why not fix it yourself?

Which? Conversation: If your laptop breaks, you could be better off attempting a DIY fix than trusting a high street computer repair service. Our undercover researchers found poor repairs at PC World and Carphone Warehouse.

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techie2699d ago

I'm not surprised - I can do a better job than PC World.

ATiElite2698d ago

Ummm if your PC breaks to the point were you can't fix it, just take it back. Everything else is just a Driver issue, reboot, or at the worse go back to a previous restore point.

I make so much money updating people's drivers but I also provide PC education at the same time unlike "worse buy" who rip ppl off for the stupidest crap like charging you $100 to remove all the junkware on new PC's.

michass82699d ago

All you really need is the code of error from the blue screen. It will tell you what is wrong (google it). In most cases is just some registry error after getting some new software or update, and can be fixed in the safe mode pretty easily. But if it is some serious hardware issue, I would go to the service, cos if you start digging in your PC/laptop you might loose your guarantee. :)