Angry Birds Come to Life in China

Appyzilla: The most popular game on iOS, Angry Birds has it’s own Carnival Game Booth in China. The rules of the game, Play the game like you used to play it on your iDevice.

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techniglee2224d ago

That's great! I assume the game doesn't feature the exploding birds!

Sahil2224d ago

Nice idea for the next season.. lol

neoragex2224d ago

Nice.. Will this be avilable for purchase?

Sahil2224d ago

No, actually I don't know.. Maybe, but for now you have to go there and play it :)

michass82223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

China have everything, even 'live' Angry Birds lol

Sahil2223d ago

It wouldn't take long for US to size this kind of golden opportunity.