Armageddon: Twitter's Shutdown Of UberTwitter Blocked Major Celeb Accounts

Twitter’s blockade of UberTwitter’s API yesterday forced some big celebrity names like Warren Sapp and others no choice but to use another client or be locked out of their accounts.

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Speed-Racer2119d ago

Armageddon is a bit of an overstatement imo

michass82119d ago

This is a tragedy on a global scale... :D lol

Techsmith2119d ago

All we need now is Facebook to go down and its extinction level event :)

creamsoda2119d ago

twitter? meh i dont get that site kinda stalkerish.

Techsmith2119d ago

Twitter and stalkerish goes together like ice-cream and a cone :)

-Mezzo-2118d ago

Ahh, who cares, Twitter is boring anyway, all everyone does is follow Celebrities in hope a Tweet reply to them.

SkidRowTrash2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

Twitter is for losers. Same with that face website.

fatstarr2118d ago

the internet is for losers if you really look at it

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