Iconic Image Of President Obama's Dinner With The World's Leaders In Tech

The who’s who of the tech world joined president Obama last night to talk about the economy, employment and the tech industry’s role on today’s environment.

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-Mezzo-2113d ago

Suspicious, I wonder whats the real purpose behind this Dinner.

michass82113d ago

Obama probably order some super advanced smartphone prototype :D lol

Speed-Racer2113d ago

How to get rid of Justin Bieber

michass82113d ago

Justin Bieber as a presidential candidate, Obama in fear lol

Techsmith2112d ago

LOL, I knew it. A Canadian Invasion.

fatstarr2112d ago

I was thinking the same thing too

-Mezzo-2113d ago

I wish it was a Smartphone, but sadly it's not.

Simonw2113d ago

How to better integrate all technologies and apps to make it even easier for government to watch YOU!

Oh, and also to see how millions more jobs can be created (Steve Jobs?..)

michass82112d ago

lol There must be some evil master plan behind that dinner... Placing Obama, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Apple, Cisco, Oracle, Stanford University, Twitter, Netflix, etc. in the one table will definitely bring something enormously big. I am afraid to even think about it :D lol

alphakennybody2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

an app to shut down Internet perhaps