Fire the wedding planner, use Google instead

With Google being hell bent on controlling our lives, they have added yet another service to help make people's lives easier. If you are looking to get married soon, forget hiring an expensive and rude wedding planner, and try out Google For Weddings instead.

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Techsmith2934d ago

Sigh, I guess after that groupon disaster this is what they have to show for it.

Speed-Racer2934d ago

They have a contest going on now ... $25,000 on the line for whoever uses it I believe

Techsmith2934d ago

Paying people to use their service...sounds very Microsoftish.

michass82934d ago

We Google everything anyway... another service why not... The only thing is I am too young and to handsome to get married yet :) lol

Cat2934d ago

Sites like TheKnot have been offering similar services for ages, it only makes sense Google would, as well. That said, it's all very basic stuff, just tools.