Ten Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Bill Gates

Unlike other powerful billionaires, Bill Gates tends to stay away from the ever glaring eye of the media, that’s unless he’s given away a few billion dollars. The man who started Microsoft and turned it into on of the biggest tech company in the world, has an interesting past that includes devious mischief and fierce business tactics. These days the worlds richest man focuses more on philanthropy then he does on software.

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Techsmith2778d ago

Bill is one interesting guy.

jidery2777d ago

His first program was tic-tac-toe? Strange game...

Zeevious2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

The only winning move is . . . not to play.

-Mezzo-2777d ago

Interesting article, i didn't knew a lot of listed stuff about him. He and Playstation share the same nickname "Trey". Who Knew.

A similar list about Steve Jobs would be another interesting read.

Techsmith2777d ago

Compared to Steve Jobs, Bill was a choir boy lol

Techsmith2777d ago

Steve Jobs is another interesting guy.

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