The largest surface display screen lives in New York City's Time Square

The New York City skyline just got a little bigger thanks to a gigantic digital LED screen created by LED maker D3. The screen which is declared the "largest continuous surface digital LED screen" is located at 1568 Broadway, right above Doubletree Guest Suites Hotel at West 47th Street.

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michass82126d ago

Will it fit in my living room ? :)

Techsmith2126d ago

If your living room is the size of time square, then yes it will :)

michass82125d ago

It is absolutely massive probably wont :) I need to get the planning permission for my living room extension :)

UnSelf2124d ago

they should play a porn on it

-Mezzo-2125d ago

Ahh, i would love to watch some Sports on that gigantic thing, but sadly i will never be able to.

I guess i'll just have to stick with 52 Inch LCD TV, i have in my living room.

Techsmith2125d ago

52-inch is gigantic, way to rub it in :)

Quagmire2124d ago

I see your 52, and raise you 55!

-Mezzo-2124d ago

I didn't understand, you don't believe i have a 52 inch. or did you mean something else i do not understand.

Quagmire2124d ago

not much of a poker player are ya?

michass82125d ago

Just wondering what is the correct distance for watching this screen size...

michass82125d ago

Damn, rebuilding of my living room will be very expensive lol

darkbladez2125d ago

what about the cowboy stadium screen

GodsHand2125d ago

I was thinking the same thing, until I read "largest continuous surface digital LED screen". I would like to say the cowboys one is spilt up into sections, but I don't know for sure, and don't want to bother looking it up.