iOS now two percent of web traffic, Chrome cracks 10 percent

Electronista: Mobile Apple hardware reached a milestone today as new findings showed iOS cracking two percent share of the web for the first time. The iPad, iPhone and iPod reached 2.06 percent of Net Applications' traffic study worldwide and were in even higher use in certain areas. In English-native and other more mobile-driven countries, the share was disproportionately higher, ranging from 3.4 percent in the US to almost 10 percent in Singapore.

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-Mezzo-2639d ago

2% is good, considering it's iOS used only in (iPad, iPod's & iPhones).

_Q_2639d ago

Hehehe you commenting on you own articles?

Is there an angle here?

-Mezzo-2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Certainly there is an angle to that, it happens to be "Discussion" plus an eye on this......

Click the link:

_Q_2638d ago

Oh you look to add to the 10% I got ya...

Hahaha I guess I cant knock the hustle.