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Facebook Now Turns Your Friends News Feed Into Ads

Facebook is introducing a new ad format, called Sponsored Stories. It is based on information collected from your friends status updates, combined with information from the location service Facebook Places.

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Speed-Racer2588d ago

Always trying to make a quick buck of us huh :P but I guess we can't complain since the service is free anyway, Facebook that is.

Syko2588d ago

Can't complain about the free service at Starbucks either, Best service since McDonald's...And if you like McDonald's you may also like......

Well You see my point ;)

STiRacer2588d ago

Like any business its always about the money. Cant say we didn't see it coming.

toaster2588d ago

Well it's not like Zuckerberg really needs more money!

STiRacer2587d ago

I dont think Facebook is a one-man operation.