Facebook shut down hoax spreads like fire

After a hoax story was posted on faux news site World Wide News, it seems thousands are believing that Facebook will actually be shut down on March 15th.

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EddyD2300d ago

I just deleted about 15 people from my twitter because they were dumb enough to ask "is facebook REALLY closing!?"

oilahize2298d ago

Is Facebook REALLY closing?

toaster2299d ago

lol ^^^^ Some people will believe anything they read on the internet.

MatthewMk22299d ago

When I woke up and saw that "is facebook really closing" was the number 1 search on google I LOLed.

EddyD2299d ago

It really makes me want to smack my face against the desk. I swear they should do an intelligence test before you're allowed on the internet.

toaster2298d ago

But that would get rid of 90% of people on the internet! LOL!!

Speed-Racer2299d ago

lol, well most of the average internet does not believe in fact checking. once the site looks semi legit, news is gold.