Samsung unveils first DDR4 RAM

Today Samsung announced that it has developed the world's first DDR4 RAM modules. This RAM runs at 2133MHz using an energy-sipping 1.2V. It is built on a 30nm process and is currently planned in capacities up to 2GB.

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toaster2754d ago

Wow I submitted this before you did O.o I even created the DDR4 RAM tag, lol.

Anyways DDR3 is still in wide use, I don't see DDR4 taking off any time soon. Hell people are still using DDR2.

GodsHand2754d ago

Damm, another Dance Dance Revolution game, what the hell.

But yeah I still use DDR2, I plan on building another computer within the next few months, but I am sure I will not use DDR4 for being to new, and most likely having a price to match.