Small Children’s Eyes At Risk With 3DS, Says Nintendo

Nintendo have recently announced that small children (meaning children under six) shouldn't use the 3D function on the 3DS. Why? They claim that seeing different video through their left/right eyes could impact the growth of the eyes for children whose eyes are still developing. This is really just serving to add more credibility to the rumours that 3D is harmful.

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Killer62727d ago

Won't somebody please think of the children!

EddyD2727d ago

I knew that was coming, but if it's potentially harmful to children under 6 i don't image it's beaming rays of happiness and sunshine into an adults head, kind of concerning.

Killer62727d ago

I'm fairly sure that it doesn't have any brain melting rays, as otherwise there is no way it would pass inspections and be allowed to be mass produced. I guess the only possible side effect might come with prolonged usage perhaps.

fatstarr2726d ago

most commented story of the year.
techspy award

TabbyBW2727d ago

I never realized it came with a toggle between 2D and 3D though, that's fairly interesting. Prevents blindess in kids at least, concerns me more as an adult though.

EddyD2727d ago

Apparently it only applies to young eyes as they're not fully developed, although i thought it was your eyes that were the only thing in your body that stayed exactly the same from birth to death. Either way, i wonder if this also applies to 3D TVs.

TabbyBW2727d ago

I think we'd have heard a lot more about it if it applied to some 3D TV's too, otherwise there would be some kind of uproar.

fatstarr2727d ago

Nintendo has announced this ages ago... and they were serious like the day after E3.

But it shows that my favorite company cares.

EddyD2727d ago

Wonder how long it is before the first parents sue that their childs eyes are ruined.

fatstarr2727d ago

I dont think they can sue, if they put the proper warnings in and training. it will be like Starbucks with the *contents may be hot sleeve or when a store mops and they put a caution sign.

Speed-Racer2727d ago

I never liked 3D because it always made my eyes so tired just after maybe 1 hour of use.

Killer62727d ago

I get a headache after a while, especially with a really busy screen like Avatar. I imagine a game could be worse...

redd0r2727d ago

You guys are talking about with glasses too. this is without them. Could be much worse!

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