Sony Planning to Spend $1.21 Billion

Sony, that somewhat big company you may or may not have heard of, have decided to spend $1.21 billion dollars (100 billion yen) to increase their production of image sensors because they’ve proven popular in their smaller devices such as phones.

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Pedobear Rocks2730d ago

So they are not 'spending' it..they are investing it in production. Isn't this what electronics manufacturers do or did I miss a memo?

Speed-Racer2730d ago

Ok? Seems like a normal situation. Dunno why this story got all this popularity.

norman292730d ago

This is hardly news, a company spending money to make money? :O what ive never heard of such things, has hell frozen over an the earth stopped spinning?

TabbyBW2730d ago

I don't know why people are saying it's not news, when it made it to the top of the site, surely that indicates that it might be news on some level? Moreover i think the news worthy part is the level of spending expected not just the fact that spending is happening.