Why We Panic When Internet Services Fail

TechCrunch: Twitter is down. Skype is down. Tumblr is down. Facebook is down. Twitter is down again.You can base an entire tech reporting career around writing these types of posts. Because if you’re like me and millions of other users right now, you can’t access your Skype account due to a network connection failure. And like electricity or Internet, I need Skype to do my job well.

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Speed-Racer2732d ago

Only idiots panic over social services going down... unless your business solely depends on it, otherwise you can return to doing real life activities... like um...having a life and chatting with people in real... you know... like we did before Facebook and Twitter came around.

toaster2731d ago

I'm guessing that teens have made their social life revolve around services like Twitter and Facebook, so when it goes down they feel like they've lost all hope or something like that.. lol. I agree, it's pathetic really.

Speed-Racer2730d ago

LOL ... the sad thing is that it's not gonna get better. With more technology, folks will find ways of making communication more technological. I gotta admit since I got my android, Ive had my head in my phone a bit, but still not as bad as the Blackberry folks.