Core i5 2400 beats i5 650 up to 80+ percent

Fudzilla: We got some benchmarks of Core i5 2400, the new Sandy Bridge core with 6MB of cache 3.1GHz core clock and four cores and four threads. The Core i5 2400 also features Turbo and can run at much higher clocks than 3.1GHz, all depending on Turbo 2 conditions and current thermal environment.

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Vip3r2759d ago

I should be getting an i5 2400 to replace my AMD Athlon 64 3500+ in two weeks time. This is good new to me. :)

toaster2758d ago

They will probably be expensive. My plan is to wait until Sandy Bridge releases and then 1156/1366 prices will plummet. That would be my cue to upgrade.