CDs: Obsolete by 2015?

Research by the discount vouchers site MyVoucherCodes revealed more than half (56 percent) believe all music will be purchased in digital formats in four years' time, while one in five (21 percent) believe the hardware to play CDs will no longer be available by 2015.

More than two in five (42 percent) say they have not purchased a CD in the past six months, while 12 percent claim they'll never buy a CD again. However, nearly two thirds said they'd bought a digital music file in the last six months.

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Dramscus2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

are they not already?

I haven't used a cd in a number of years.
Mp3's for the win.
Also any burning I do is generally on a dvd.

duplissi2745d ago

mp3 for the fail.... lossy vs lossless.

toaster2745d ago

I try to buy CDs as well, better sound quality in my opinion.

Apple is already trying to get rid of CDs. Hate them or not, can't change the fact that they innovate and move the industry forward in some way or another. I think they have been slowly trying to kill off the CD.

1. iPods
2. iTunes
3. iTunes icon changed, no CD anymore
4. MacBook Air
5. Mac App Store

They are trying to send a messege, CDs are like antiques now that we have this new technology, and more people are getting connected to the internet.