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Nerds take revenge on Center City bar

For those who love to learn, Philadelphia's nerds are preparing an event they call "like the Discovery Channel - with beer!"

Speakers at Philadelphia's inaugural Philadelphia Nerd Nite this Thursday will talk about robots, regional languages, and psychedelic drugs.

Philly Nerd Nite speaker Alexandra Davatzes will talk about astrobiology and the search for life on Mars.

"I think sometimes the area of research that I study," Davatzes says, "people maybe only think of UFOs or sort of crazy theories or Star Trek or Star Wars or something like that. But there's actually a lot of really interesting science behind...the reality of it...It's just fun to learn. It's always fun to learn something new."

Melissa McCartney admits she's a nerd. The neuroscientist, who studies epilepsy, helped set up Philly Nerd Nite.

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