Theoretical 4G Speeds Aren't Real Speeds

PC Mag - Now that we're seeing blazing speeds on Verizon Wireless's new LTE network, there's a pernicious misunderstanding going around on comment threads that I wanted to crush before it goes any further.

Theoretical maximum network speeds are not real-life speeds. T-Mobile's HSPA+ 21 will not get you 21 Mbps. Verizon's LTE will not get you 326.4Mbps, 70Mbps, or whatever you're reading out there. And Sprint/Clear's WiMax will not get you 40Mbps.

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toaster2784d ago

LOL @ that pic. Anyways, someone (forgot who) tested Verizon's new network. They were given 5GB. It took them about half an hour to burn through all 5GB. That is pretty impressive for a cellular network, I don't think 4G will be that far off.