Evidence Sony Prepping Touch Panel for PSP2

While it is pretty certain that Sony are creating a PlayStation Portable 2, most likely for 2011, what the handheld will actually look like, and how people will interact with it, is unknown. Now, PlayStation LifeStyle has uncovered strong evidence that the PSP2 will have not one, but two, touch interfaces – reinventing how we interact with touchscreen devices.

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doctorstrange3069d ago

Its a brilliant gaming device, as well as a top tablet

unkn0wn3068d ago

Concept designs sure are nice and all, but I really do hope that the PSP2 doesn't disappoint.

michass83068d ago

interesting concept, controlling via touch pad on the back of the device sounds good, I don't like to see fingers instead screen, something new. can't wait to see it on the market.