3D printer prints out fully functioning hybrid car

Two companies in the US have partnered to design and create Urbee - the car built entirely by a 3D printer.

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Pandemic2600d ago

The hybrid car looks like something you'd see in a futuristic film, a more better close up on the orange vehicle looks even more weird.

Nonetheless, it's still an amazing advancement in technology.

GodsHand2599d ago

Can you imagine when this becomes afforable and mainstream. The types of things people will create right out of their house. Hopefully for the better of mankind, and not the worst.

doctorstrange2599d ago

What I worry about is piracy - imagine illegally downloading a car :O

michass82599d ago

when will they place that option to the home printers?

doctorstrange2599d ago

I'd love to have that printer

Pandemic2598d ago

Me too, the things you could print out would be amazing, haha.