Study shocker: babies think friendly robots are sentient

There's certainly been no shortage of studies involving humans' interaction with robots, but a team of researchers from the University of Washington's Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences have now made one of the most shocking discoveries to date: babies can be tricked into believing robots are sentient.

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doctorstrange3052d ago

If I saw a robot conversing with someone and then staring at something, I'd look at what it's staring at - mainly because I'd think there was a human behind it looking at something

SlaughterMeister3051d ago

Babies think friendly robots are sentient? No, they don't. Babies don't think anything is sentient, because they're babies.

no_more_heroes3051d ago

You think, therefore, you are. Have a bubble!

ChickeyCantor3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

They did a research, so its all stupid?
The babies thought they were behaving human like, not so much that it looks human( which it doesn't), just like they can't see the difference between height and the danger of it in their early stages.
No one said these babies were rational.

GodsHand3050d ago

Babies/Humans adapt, and mimic other life forms. Take the Jungle Book for an example, based on a real life story(perhaps) but, if another life form has the ability to care for another living being, then I don't see why babies won't accept a robot as a care giver/protector.