Current Top 5 Graphics Cards

ME Gamers writes: "With all the new PC games coming in recently (StarCraft II and Civilization V being prime examples), we think it’s about time we revisit the Top 5 graphics cards in the market right now. Listed below are the cream of the crop, the best money can buy. However, some cards are also the best performance you can afford within your budget. Note that we are not providing specific cards from different manufacturers (e.g. MSI, ASUS, ECS, Zotac, Gigabyte, etc.) as each of these provide the below 5 cards in various configurations and at slightly different clock speeds, cooling solutions and prices from the standard Nvidia and ATI reference cards."

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fatstarr3059d ago

I really really really want a gtx 460 I dont know if was a mistake to get 2x gtx 250's but I am a happy guy. I feel like I have a 2007 car vs 2011

Thecraft19893058d ago

I have gtx460 I have to say I love it plays everything. Would love two but my motherboard only supports crossfire.