BmR: AMD Athlon-II X4-645 CPU Review

Benchmark Reviews: With each new release of an Athlon-II processor, AMD reasserts its control on the entry-level market by providing another great quality CPU at a very affordable price. The release of the Athlon-II X4-645 ADX645WFK42GM quad-core processor is no different. At 3.1GHz, the X4-645 becomes the fastest Athlon-II quad-core processor on the market. Benchmark Reviews as been there for the release of many of the most recent Athlon-II and Phenom-II processors and we wouldn't miss the chance to bring you the test results on the latest Athlon-II quad-core release. In this article, Benchmark Reviews has prepared an in-depth look as the Athlon-II X4-645 ADX645WFK42GM quad-core processor and compares it to a wide-variety of other processors on the market. Dive in for the latest results on AMD's flagship Athlon-II quad-core.

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