9.5 Osmos HD Review

MMGN: There is no doubt that Osmos is the best looking and best sounding game on the iPad to date. The ambiance created by the minimalist graphics, electronic soundtrack and gameplay are a match made in heaven that few games can compete with. The touch controls make a connection between player and game that simply work and bring you closer to the beautiful world of Osmos. While it may not be full of action, destruction or characters, Osmos is one of those special games that only comes along once in a while.

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Pandemic3093d ago

Osmos, what an odd name.

Anyway, the application looks pretty good, great review.

kk13873093d ago

9.5? wow. must be pretty sweet.

CatGlue3093d ago

this is actually one of the best games on the ipad, along with crazy birds and plants vs zombies.

TheDarkGuyv3r3093d ago

I still can't come to grips with playing games on a phone..

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