10 Best Graphics Cards Under £100

There's a golden rule for building a cheap PC: never spend more than £100 on a single component. Of course, the graphics card is the most essential piece of equipment if you're building a gaming rig, but you needn't break the bank to get something capable of running the latest games.

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fatstarr2890d ago

I wish i had this article around 3 weeks ago.

romalias22890d ago

LOL I wish I had the $100 to spare for a new graphics card... my power supply blew up a while back, and I haven't even bothered replacing that yet.

fatstarr2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

you can probbly get a 150$ combo going to fix your setup lol
save up

2889d ago
Vip3r2889d ago

Screw that 9800GT, get a GTS250 instead. I got a Palit GTS250 last October for £98.

2887d ago