15 Coolest Google Earth Finds

15 coolest google earth finds.

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TechZilla2995d ago

The Nazi one, wasnt on purpose they said lol ok then

GodsHand2994d ago

I see nothing wrong with it. Everyone one from the designer, to the owner, bank lender, and city permits issuer would of saw something and raised questions about it. I work for an architect, and site, floor, roof, reflected ceiling, fixture floor plans would of caught someones eye on the design of a swastika. I can see plans getting clutter with dimensions, keys etc, but a site plan would show this design clear as day, even a roof plan.

Some people just look to much into things, like the Sydney Opera House in Australia, people have said the design represents turtles humping.

DeathProof2994d ago

That is sweet, Google Earth rocks.

2994d ago