Man sees Jesus on Google Earth

An Internet fan has claimed that he saw lord Jesus Christ's image in a farm on Google Earth.

Zach Evans, 26, spotted Christ's image as he strolled the map site looking for holiday destinations.

Reportedly, Christ can be clearly seen in satellite pictures of a field on farmland near Puspokladany, Hungary.

"I'm not a religious person looking for images of Mary or Jesus in everything, but this is obvious," the Sun quoted Sales assistant Zach, a resident of Southampton, as saying.

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2807d ago
tplarkin72807d ago

He looks like he's praying and even has a halo.

If you do a google map search, it's just north of Puspokladany.

tplarkin72807d ago

Bing's images do not show an image of Christ. There are faint hints of the image, but nothing discernible.

fatstarr2806d ago

does bing do the same thing that google does?

lonix2807d ago

clear as day, are you sure its hesus though

tplarkin72807d ago

There is no absolute proof of anything in this world.

My guess is that the Church would not declare this as a miracle. However, anything that reminds us of Christ is a good thing.

SquallLeonMGS2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Soo what.. it happens to looks like all the pictures we've seen of Jesus. Not too far from that area, there was a piece of land that had an outline of a shoe and im sure many parts of the earth look like something. eh.. but I guess Jesus is more awesome. btw, if you look around the Jesus lookin land- its like swirls of an aura surrounding.

2807d ago
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