Microsoft IE gains browser market share (this is not a typo)

GoodGearGuide: "Internet Explorer has been in a freefall compared to its hotter rivals Firefox and Google's Chrome lately, but Microsoft's browser has finally reversed a small portion of its worldwide market share losses.

Just a year ago, IE share stood at 66.97%, but has since dropped every single month, hitting a low of 59.75% in May 2010. Firefox shot up from 22.98% to 24.32%, and Chrome from 2.84% to 7.04% during the same time period.

But Microsoft has crept back over the 60% mark, with 60.32% share in June, gained at the expense of Firefox, which fell to 23.81%, according to new data from the analytics firm Net Applications. Chrome and Safari both posted small gains."

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Why are ppl spamming techspy lol
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Wow How does Microsoft do it...

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