New attack bypasses virtually all AV protection

Researchers say they've devised a way to bypass protections built in to dozens of the most popular desktop anti-virus products, including those offered by McAfee, Trend Micro, AVG, and BitDefender.

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fatstarr2805d ago

this is some serious news. Could be trouble if something isn't done. kind of scary but exciting at the same time.

Speed-Racer2805d ago

I wonder how Kaspersky deals with it... I know many times when many virus scanners fail, Kaspersky seems to be the only one to come to the rescue. Maybe this method bypasses their security as well. Who knows.

Syko2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Not gonna lie, I feel much shame for having to Google Kaspersky. =/

Might have to buy it now to hide my shame, lol...And then claim I have been using it for "Years"

Speed-Racer2805d ago

lol! It's not popular actually... but it beats the crap out of most not sure why it doesnt have a bigger market share... i stand by it.

fatstarr2805d ago

i dont even know what a good av is anymore.
but i have the tools to clean up all viruses if i get one.

Myst2805d ago

Wow just after re-installing windows I may have to do it again if I get attacked, just great....I wonder though if Spybot Search and Destroy will be able to find this or if it will breeze past it.

Captain Tuttle2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

I use Super Antispyware (yeah, dumb name), Avast and Avira...all free versions. I think I'l pick up the full paid for Kaspersky though. I've heard good things about it for years.

ScubaSam212805d ago

I have used Symantec and Kaspersky in our work environment. Sunbelt so far has been the best move we made months ago. If it doesn't catch something, trust me they are quick to get you a deployment kit for the floor. They do have a home based version as well. Trust me, read some reviews on the web on this product.

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