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Google puts its foot down by banning cryptocurrency mining and gun-related apps

Google has banned all cryptocurrency mining apps from the Play Store. At least, for now, apps to manage mining hardware are still on the platform, however. The new rules, for which there are many, are mentioned in the July updates to the company’s Developer Policy Center.

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annoyedgamer113d ago

We really need a Google alternative, this is not the open source platform we once knew and loved.

jaycptza113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

Its not easy to develop an entire business like Google/Alphabet.

bluefox755113d ago

I think people would rather be censored, unfortunately.

Speed-Racer112d ago

God you guys are annoying sometimes. One on hand you want freedom, but when your phone gets a virus you complain about lack of moderation. Allowing mining apps could open a floodgate of apps that mine without permission in the background.