British caver 'could sue' Elon Musk

The entrepreneur called the diver a "pedo" after he ridiculed his effort to help missing Thai boys.

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sonicwrecks282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Classless comment from Musk.

annoyedgamer282d ago

Yea it was uncalled for. It wreaks of American moralism, however i'm not sure a lawsuit is needed. Musk should apologize though.

ImGumbyDammit282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

American? He lives in the States but, he is from South Africa. Maybe it is your own moralism that is judging the USA as whole from one man's words.

KTF26281d ago

Triple citizenship
South African

Speed-Racer282d ago

I respect Musk for all that he has done but this type of behaviour is nothing short of something a man child would say.

FlyingFoxy282d ago

As i only said recently regarding toxic behaviour in games, you can get in legal trouble for ANY kind of nasty insult, even just once. Use your brain and think twice. A lot of gamers are going to get in trouble as abusive remarks are far more common than some might realise.

As for Elon, i thought he was a nice guy until i saw this.. he could easily be arrested for it.

annoyedgamer282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Arrested? Are you from the UK or something? This is the modern world bud.

FlyingFoxy282d ago

If you don't believe me go and look up laws, I'm not even joking but it's nice to see some people are completely clueless going by the 2 dislikes so far.

ImGumbyDammit282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

@FlyingFoxy maybe in other places but, the USA (unlike almost everywhere in the world that says they do) actually has a basis for this via the First Amendment. He can say what he wants and the government cannot regulate that speech (other than scream "fire" to incite panic argument, copyright etc..). Now it does not mean he cannot be sued civilly for libel or slander but, against the law. Nope. Libel and slander are both torts, civil wrongs not criminal wrongs. That is the very essence of the First Amendment that the government cannot make a law as limiting his speech. Like I said the USA is truly a rare place that actually has a real protection for such speech and backs it up with all warts it causes. Maybe in Canada or Europe where they are becoming more and more draconian with limiting speech on so many levels. As an example, half the stuff that CNN, MSNBC or even Colbert on CBS says about Trump every night would be illegal (under French defamation laws). Would you want that type of limitation? In fact, because of their anti-defamation laws, there is a great deal of government monitoring of the internet that in the USA we would not stand for. Strange to protect your privacy French and many others in the EU find it more necessary to have strong online surveillance on the internet within the guise of protecting your privacy or upholding by broad anti-terrorism laws and the broad moving target libel laws.

Cobra951281d ago

ImGumbyDammit, that is the most perfect post on the subject I've ever read.

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dragon_rocks282d ago

@FlyingFoxy: Please tell under which law can Elon be arrested. What he did was defamation so Vern Unsworth (British Cave Diver) can file a civil suit against Elon for Libel, Slander or Defamation which is not considered a criminal offense so no arrests.

annoyedgamer281d ago

I dont think OP lives in the US.

WelkinCole282d ago

Its obvious these diver dudes don't take kindly to big personalities like Elon.

They are very humble and go about their work without much fanfare

I guess for them time was critical and they just have not time to waste looking at or testing something they know will not work.

I don't fault Elon for trying though but his reaction I think was uncalled for. The diver also I think should have handle it better.