Elon Musk creates ‘kid-size’ sub to help children trapped in a Thailand cave

At the time of this writing, eight of the 11 boys trapped in a cave in Thailand have been saved. If more help is needed to save the final boys and their soccer coach, Tesla CEO Elon Musk might have the solution. His engineers have crafted a “kid-size submarine."

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ssmilloy36128d ago

and the award for most useless attempt to look like the cool guy goes to......

shammgod128d ago

is he anticipating that this happens again, cause they are all rescued

Cobra951128d ago

That concept could be very useful in other situations that require rescuing people trapped in an air chamber below a body of water. Not that this happens very often, but hey, the work is done.

KnowTechie128d ago

This was mostly a PR stunt, but he said he has plans to use it in future cases.

yomfweeee128d ago

It was finished and in testing while they were still trying to figure out a plan.

Biunpe05128d ago

OK, first off why the f**k were they the cave in the first place and secondly why did they have to reinvent the wheel with this sub thing when they could have just given them standard scuba suits and air tanks???

Speed-Racer128d ago

The cave was not flooded at the time.