Have Samsung Galaxy S9 sales completely crashed and burned?

For the past year, Samsung Electronics has reported record profits. That streak is probably going to end thanks to weak sales of the Galaxy S9.

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TorpeAlex229d ago

There's a conundrum in the design field of tech, where it's expensive to come up with radical design shifts, but incremental upgrades such as the iPhone 8 and the Galaxy S9 rarely drum up as much interest.

Profchaos228d ago

It felt to similar to the S8 given the fact that the S8 itself is no slouch is almost buy the S8 over the s9 or wait until the s10 because the 9 feels like the 7 and the 5 its ok but skipable.

boing1228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

Switched from S6 to S9. What an upgrade!

MajorLazer228d ago

Same. Went from S7 to S9+ and it is nothing less than phenomenal. Greatest phone ever imho.

kevnb228d ago

It cant help that they had that bug where your pictures randomly start sending out.