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The SX Pro consists of three parts: a USB-C dongle, a boot-up tool, and the SX OS (which you must download from their website. They also offer the SX OS for sale independently to folks who choose to use their own solution for hacking their Switch.

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Alexious43d ago

Great stuff for Switch owners!

UltimateOwnage43d ago

I hope Nintendo finds a way to brick consoles that use this device. If you want to hack something with a Tegra X1, get an nVidia shield.

rpgenius42043d ago (Edited 43d ago )

🤣🤣🤣 I am using SX OS and it's pretty nice!

KingPin43d ago

the thing that annoyed me most about this news was watching the video. not only did he not demo it to show how the device works but in 2018 hes shooting with a cellphone or handheld camera. then proceeds to struggle his way through it. like wtf

ccgr42d ago

It's an unboxing video which showed the device getting unboxed. No false advertising there.

BootHammer40d ago

A bit too risky for me. Pretty surprised these hacks are coming out already. One has to also wonder how future proof this device/technique will be?