Apple Music has now surpassed Spotify as the music streaming champ in the United States

It took almost three years, but it looks like Apple Music is now the No. 1 music streaming service in the United States. According to an industry source, Cupertino’s service has now bested industry leader Spotify in Apple’s home country.

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franwex231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

I love reading the comments from spotify and apple music fanboys. Reminds me of the video game fanboys. Hahaha!
I myself have Apple Music because my current phone is an iPhone. That's mostly why people have Apple Music, nothing really special about it.

cell989230d ago

I have an iPhone and I only ever use Spotify

Kabaneri231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

All the real men are on Soundcloud.

EpicFruityPie230d ago

I tried apple music for a week and canceled I found Spotify way better

drpepperdude230d ago

I used to use the free Spotify but I went back to buying music from my favorite bands and torrenting everything else. I got sick of the political ads along with the condom ads which had some fruit loop rapper telling me that it is disgusting to do it rawwwwwwww.


i realy want try apple music but it not on all platform, when i play plastation i can hear music on spotify ist great ,

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