Facebook thought Declaration of Independence quotes were hate speech

A Facebook algorithm took down excerpts of the historic document, saying they went "against our standards"

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Cobra95113d ago

Thinly disguised censorship at work. Pretty soon the Bill of Rights will be against their standards too. All that freedom and equality rot must be hate speech.

blacktiger12d ago

dude follow the money that's where the matrix is not some garbage facebook

Dab12d ago

I can see you took both the red n blue pill at the same time

cyclindk12d ago

**Warning** inflammatory rhetoric detected... initiating censorship protocol: alpha-2-0-7-9-8-epsilon, directive 6;

Revision accepted:

Thinly ********* at work. Pretty soon the ********* will be against their standards too. All that ******* and ******** *** must be ***** ******.

ajax1712d ago

Coming from the company that wants to control your news feed. Yeah, Facebook needs to die.

thorstein12d ago

You get your news from Facebook?