Here's When The Universe Will Come To An End

All things come to an end, good or bad. Will the Universe? The answer is yes and it will be sooner than you think, so read on!

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Psychotica230d ago

Sure, science can't even tell us what the weather will be a few days from now with good accuracy...

Kostche229d ago

lmao.... i doubt it, especially when we live in an enclosed eco system, but thanks science keep pushing the lie

FlyingFoxy229d ago

That guy Michio Kaku thinks we'll have a microwave device so powerful that it will create a pathway to another universe, at least that's what he stated on the radio show Science Fantastic, or whatever it's called.

Cobra951229d ago

That's all they are: theories. Our viewpoint is way too limited in both time and space to get the whole picture. When we look into neighboring galaxies, we are looking hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years into the past. The light (and the rest of the EM spectrum) from them took that long to reach us. We have no idea what's there right now. What we see out there happened long before humans started walking upright.

SolidGamerX229d ago

"a couple billion years", so I've got some time then. LOL!

KingPin229d ago

and in a million years they'll discover that they were wrong and have a new time.