People still care for small phones, at least for Atom, the world’s smallest smartphone

Atom is the world's smallest rugged 4G smartphone. It is the sibling of Jelly and will start shipping as soon as October if everything goes according to plans.

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pressjudge244d ago

Atom is finally the phone that is perfect for hiking

ravinash243d ago

Looks interesting. may have to keep an eye out next time my contract is up for re-newal.

thisismyaccount243d ago

5" and not one inch bigger. 5" is the perfect size for a phablet (websurf, youtube, porn, retrogaming). A 5" full screen/bezelless Redmi 4X would have been nice, without any physical buttons and mini notch for the front camera.

200K antutu
4 days or more battery autonomy
5" bezelless with a notch for a camera
Android Custom/One