Some iPhone users are saying iOS 11.4 is hurting their batteries

Last month, Apple finally introduced AirPlay 2 and Messages in iCloud with iOS 11.4. The software update also comes with a nasty bug, according to some iPhone users.

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luckytrouble278d ago

My iPhone 7 has had a mess of a battery for a couple of updates now. Streaming music can result in losing as much as 35% battery in an hour, more if I multitask. Sometimes the battery doesn’t seem to drain excessively at all for a full day, then times like this morning, the battery works fine for say, my morning commute, but by lunch, I can see battery drain reach upwards of 40% in one hour as my phone becomes a pocket heater. This is a very recent issue in terms of regularity, but I’ve had strange little one off battery issues basically since the iPhone 8 launched. It speaks to Apple’s lack of care in verifying the stability of updates across all actively updated devices as soon as the next flagship drops, but the reach of this most recent issue speaks to Apple’s general drop in quality these past few years.