Google bans development of AI for weapons use

Following protests over its partnership with the US military, Google has promised not to use AI for weapons. A decision to provide machine-learning tools to analyze drone footage caused some employees to resign.

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ajax17250d ago

That's great, I'm sure China and Russia feel the same way... This is how we lose wars.

The_Blue249d ago

Nah, will be fine. I read that the gov was getting into facial recognition for drones and Google being the biggest data holder of phenotype and voice data servers all been hacked by this point.

Remeber that shooting? Maybe that was when the data was stolen because shortly after that they announced this. <----- theory

fr0sty249d ago

If we end up at war with either China or Russia, lack of weaponized AI will be our least concern.

RandoCommenter249d ago

I don't think it will be our least concern. It sounds like a huge disadvantage in warfare ability.

fr0sty249d ago

Once the mushrooms start growing on the horizon, and the EMPs begin to strike, AI won't be of much use.

Vengeance1138249d ago

Obviously this decision has been made to prevent Skynet.. how can you ppl not see that? You want AI to have guns? Better not be in front of it when it decides humans aren't worth protecting.

Question_Mark249d ago

Good for them. Now they need to stop discriminating against men, whites, and Asians.