Nvidia GTX 1180 Specs: The Math Behind Your Next GPU

With the next generation of GPU seemingly right around the corner, Nvidia is primed for the release of new architecture, and possibly a new series of GDDR for the GTX...

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JoeIsMad262d ago

I really hope that this GPU is announced in August. I need something new for Eth mining.

Lamboomington261d ago

It'd be nice if they found a way to ensure it doesn't work for miners :)

Stevefantisy262d ago

Very nice! This will make last years gen affordable for me now :)

JoeIsMad262d ago

Hopefully. Usually that brings down the price from $600 to something like $350, but crypto mining has driven even the lower grade 1060's up to $500 each right now.

Cobra951261d ago

Prices for 1060s are back close to retail now, or at least as of a week ago.

Cobra951261d ago

The rumored 1180 needs to be compared against the 1080ti. That's the top consumer-grade Nvidia card right now, not the less-capable original 1080. That comparison is not nearly as lopsided as the one presented here.