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Hillary Clinton Wants to Be CEO of Facebook

The failed presidential candidate said that the social media platform is the largest source of news in the world, and she'd like to be in charge of it.

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SunnyZ86d ago

How to kill facebook in one easy step.

thorstein86d ago

She already divided the Democrats, now she wants to destroy Facebook.

Nodoze85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

She is such a c%nt. Facebook deserves her. Imagine what she would do with all that data at her fingertips. She could sell it off (just like she sold access with her husband and their phony foundation). Also what about all that money for Haiti??? Hmmm. This woman cannot die soon enough. She is already wearing some kind of brace to keep her perhaps we are close.

woodtock85d ago

Hell is calling for Hillary Clinton if she doesn't repent.

SunnyZ84d ago

I doubt even hell wants her...