Pornhub cares more about your privacy than the government, launches new VPN

The purveyor of premium pornographic content, Pornhub, has launched a Virtual Privacy Network called VPNhub. The new service is free and available now.

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ravinash86d ago

"Here at Pornhub, with 90 million visitors a day, the vast majority of whom are using devices on the go, it’s..."

Who is watch porn on the go?
Hopefully no one on the bus.

blacktiger86d ago

on the go? I mean even if I did, what is the point of it (if you know what I mean) Eoow how do you view womens after you see that on the go

86d ago
KingPin86d ago

im sure it makes sitting in traffic on the way home more entertaining.

2pacalypsenow85d ago

Most people view it on their phones which is why they say on the go.

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SirBillyBones85d ago

FYI It's not free to use on PC. PC use requires a Premium account. The free version on mobile comes with one USA location. Everything else is locked behind Premium. In my experience, the app crashes whenever I try and tap anything Premium related.