It’s 2018 and somehow Netflix’s DVD business is still thriving, while Redbox attempts to keep up

Netflix, your favorite reason to stay home and ignore whatever shred of a social life you purport to have, isn’t just a streaming network of original programming and a reminder of how terrible Friends was. It’s also still a DVD rental service. A DVD rental service that is profitable as hell for Netflix. To the tune of $56 million in profit on just $99 million in revenue.

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ajax17275d ago

It's not that shocking. There's still plenty of people with terrible internet speeds.

KillZallthebeast275d ago

Redbox not thriving is sort of a surprisie in certain areas. Some of my friends still have dial up speed where they live

dumahim275d ago

It's somehow thriving because if I want to watch damn near any movie I want, I can get it via DVD or Blu-ray and not have to hunt around to see if it's streaming somewhere or have to pay $4-5 to rent a single movie.

Axecution275d ago

Ive got Netflix and Prime Video and tbh i still buy and rent a lot of blurays. Even a 3 or 4 GB torrent doesnt look or sound anything close to a bluray and im especially pretty obsessed with building my 4k collection.

I have a rental store down the street though...

Cobra951275d ago

I remember Netflix having many more recent movies available on DVD than for streaming. Unless they've managed since then to license for streaming all the movies people want to watch, I understand why DVDs are still flying through the postal system.