The Nvidia GTX 1180 has been CONFIRMED for July

Nvidia's 10-series GPUs have nearly completed their tenure of 2 years and recently we've been seeing a lot of leaks surrounding the next generation. Up until now we were only hearing speculations and rumours about the GTX 1180 and the GTX 1170, with no citations. Well not anymore.


Admin note: Story has been changed to rumor as an official announcement as not been made from NVIDIA yet

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Psychotica282d ago

Just bought a 1080Ti last year, it will be a couple years before I buy a new card..

ChrisW281d ago

I hear ya!

I bought a 980 just months prior to the 1080 launch... because my 680 crapped out on me. I was seriously hoping it would have lasted until this year.

Cobra951281d ago

Unless the story changes drastically between now and release, you have nothing to worry about. Looks like Turing is Pascal Plus, not a true generational leap. Your 1080ti should be fairly close to the 1180's performance.

No_Pantaloons282d ago

So its not rumors or speculations, its "industry sources" who spoke on condition of anonymity. And of course nvidia hasnt made any official announcement on the matter.
While I personally think the next series is coming this year, likely before fall, this isnt confirmation of anything.

ethereal_trespasser282d ago

It's from Tom's Hardware. They are one of the most reliable outlets. And it's almost for certain that NVIDIA will be showing Turing off in July most likely at Computex. I have my sources too who agree with this. By sources, I mean a few higher ups at NVIDIA marketing

badz149281d ago

why does nVidia even bother to one up themselves at this point when AMD is looking like they are already giving up on the high-end GPU market?

WelkinCole281d ago

They want more money like every other company?

TheGoodestBoi281d ago

Ive been tempted to upgrade to a 1080ti from a 970 but I'll hold off a little while longer depending on this price

ChrisW281d ago

Sources say that the crypto-currency craze is slowing down, which should bring down prices. But don't expect anything spectacular concerning price drops... especially with a new GPU on the horizon.