The end of net neutrality and the beginning of a terribly insecure web

One of the most significant tech setbacks of 2018 – and one of the biggest widespread failures of the Trump Administration – is the end of net neutrality. In February, the Federal Communications Commission headed by chair Ajit Pai voted to repeal the longstanding edict that all online traffic is created equal. A new era of the internet began on April 23, and web users are likely to see big changes to the speed and quality of their favorite sites.

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Cobra951281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

"Opinions are flying fast and furiously regarding how the end of net neutrality will change the web"

Including yours. I highly doubt that security is going to suffer any more than it otherwise would, as a result of no net neutrality. Ajit Pai is a clear villain, and I hope he burns in hell. What he did has nothing to do with ISPs motivations to maintain a secure internet, however. That's a load of nonsense.