Apple made more profit in 3 months than Amazon has generated during its lifetime

Apple is vastly more profitable than Amazon.

The smartphone maker generated a $48.35 billion profit during its fiscal 2017 and made $13.8 billion in net income during the March 2018 quarter, while Amazon's total net income since inception is about $9.6 billion.

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steven83r310d ago

That's okay Jeff Bezos is laughing all the way to the bank with a $130 billion dollars net worth while Tim Cook is only worth $400 million.

2pacalypsenow310d ago

Only 400 million? lol

And he didn't even create Apple.

360ICE310d ago

Wow, that must mean he's 1000 times happier than Cook because that's how happiness works.

NXFather310d ago

It is. It only amplifies a good person.

steven83r310d ago

Walmart is still the king in the world with the highest net profits. You can't compare Amazon to Apple. Apple sells products and collects almost all the profit Amazon is a e retailer that collects a small percentage of each sale. Give it time and we'll see where each company is in 10 years

360ICE310d ago

So you can compare the two, right? Since you're obviously keen on comparing them in 10 years.

Btw, even if you have small margins on each sale it doesn't mean you can compare your net profit to other businesses. Amazon probably has higher frequencies than Apple.

KwietStorm310d ago

That's what happens when you create an I NEED THIS cult and overcharge for everything you produce.

rakentaja310d ago

You can only make so much profit by selling overpriced products...